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Dermatology Point Mexicali

We are a clinic specializing in skin diseases, hair, nails, skin cancer diagnosis, laser technology as well as cosmetic treatments.
In consultation, we provide comprehensive care to children, adolescents and adults

Your dermatological wellness is our priority!

If you suffer from alopecia, acne or any other type of skin disease or imperfection, it is time for you to come to us. With our treatments we will put an end to your condition

Our specialists

Dra. Ma. Dolores Álvarez Hdz.

Dermatologist and Trichologist

Registration: 6778078

Registration: 10406995

I am passionate about dermatology because of the versatility that this branch offers, since it allows to treat clinical skin diseases and also purely cosmetic treatments.


Certified dermatologist specializing in trichology, cosmetic dermatology and laser therapy

Certified Dermatologist by the Mexican Board of Dermatology

Member of the AMD, CMD, FMD, CILAD

Member of the College of Dermatologists Nuevo Leon

Member of the College of Dermatologists of Mexicali

Member of International Trichoscopy Society (ITS)

Master in Tricology and Transparent Capillary by the University of Alcalá

Dra. Adbeel Sarai Castañeda Vallejo

General and Aesthetic Physician

Registration: 12885574

Hello, I am Dr. Sarai Castañeda, my goal as an aesthetic doctor is to help you prevent and / or improve your aesthetic concerns, as well as let you know the different treatments that exist for you, let’s enhance your beauty together.


Medical Degree from Xochicalco University

Master in Degree in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine from the Mexican Institute of Executive Education (IMFE)

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Acanthosis nigricans

Let's move forward together towards the improvement of your skin!

Dermatology Point is made up of medical specialists who will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and give your skin a new life

Learn about our aesthetic services

Experience excellence in cabin treatments to revitalize your skin. From hydration and luminosity to specific solutions for acne, rosacea, stretch marks and more. Discover radiant, healthy skin!

Laser Treatments

Dermatological Grade Facial Cleansing Treatments

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Body Treatments


Redefine your figure with a dual technology: Ultra Short Radiofrequency, Make an appointment + Thermal Vacuum. Without pain or recovery, it eliminates fat, cellulite and flaccidity.
Visible results from the first session!

Rejuvenation Technology


Powerful radiofrequency platform for facial and body treatments.
Renew your skin for a luminous, even and tight look!

Clinical Dermatology

Cosmetic Dermatology

Trichology Consultation

Specialized Trichology Consultation

Diagnosis and treatment of hair problems.
Regain your confidence and healthy hair!

Hair Mesotherapy

Stimulates hair growth.
Intralesional therapy and micropunctures to revitalize your hair, transform your image!

Prevention and Hair Care

Protect your hair with our specialized solutions.
Look strong and radiant every day!

Our branches


Find us at:

Alvaro Obregon 875 Col. Segunda sección Mexicali BC.


+52 1 686 163 5899


+52 1 686 163 5899


Encuéntranos en:

Dr. Fernando Guajardo 155, Piso 1 Consultorios C, D y E, Col. Los Doctores Mty NL, (Dentro del Centro Médico AVE).

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